Information on Fujisaki Official App

Fujisaki official app

We will deliver the latest information on shops and online shops.
Shopping more convenient and more enjoyable, such as stamp cards and advantageous coupons that can be accumulated using the app!

The popular product exhibition information will arrive!

Fujisaki official app

You can check the latest information on the Fujisaki head office and the nearest store.

You can see flyers and catalogs easily!

Fujisaki official app

You can check the flyer information of Fujisaki from the app.

Coupon is a great deal!

Fujisaki official app

We will deliver a special coupon that is limited to the Fujisaki official app.

I can go shopping!

Fujisaki official app

You can also purchase products from online.

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If you register My Page from the Fujisaki official app, you can use it more conveniently!

Even if you don't have an F card, you can use it!

Those who already have an F-card

If you link your own F-card,
It's convenient for shopping!

Those who do not have an F-card

If you register your My Page from Fujisaki app
You can receive various benefits as a F-card member.
You can earn F points even if you don't have an F card.
You can use it.

Information on My Page >

A campaign to get up to 2,100F points!

DL campaign

For more information: >

You can earn points.

You can earn points for shopping in Fujisaki, both at stores and online shopping!
You can use the accumulated points for shopping.

Points are earned! You can use it!

How to use F-points

Save and use F-points at stores

Save and use F points

After logging in to My Page with the app
Tap the "barcode" at the top right.

Using to save F points

At the time of accounting,
Tell the staff whether to save or use F points.
Please show me the barcode.
※If you have +F card
You can also use the charge balance.

You can earn and use F points at Fujisaki Online (net shopping)

You can save online

 F points will be earned according to the purchase price.

 [Setting of payment method] At that time,
  Enter your use points.

Check the F-point balance

Check the Fpoints

Tap "My Page" at the bottom right.

Check the Fpoints

F-point balance
Tomo Fujisaki's Association Shopping Card Balance
+ F-card charge balance
Achievement of Birthday Benefits
Achievement of bonus Points
Can be checked.
※The content displayed will vary depending on the type of card that is linked.

Instead of a card

Membership Card

An online membership card will be issued on My Page.
Even if I didn't have the F-card, I earned points or used.
You can present it as a F-card membership card!

※Credit payment for Fujisaki Credit F-card
 You need a real card to pay for your friend's shopping card.

To accumulate / use F points and check points, you need to register on My Page.

Information on My Page >

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