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Employment placement and dispatch staff (existed graduates, students, part-time workers)

Even for the first time,
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Fujisaki Business Service Co., Ltd. is a 100% investment employment placement and temporary staffing company with Fujisaki. The dispatch destinations are mainly Fujisaki and other suppliers of Fujisaki. We are focusing on the development of professional human resources that make use of Fujisaki's tradition and technology. In particular, we introduce and dispatch human resources who are strong in services centered on "customer service and sales".
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Corporate Name
Fujisaki Business Service Co., Ltd.
March, 2002
Shareholders' equity
20,000 (thousands) Yen
Major Dept.
Fujisaki and Fujisaki partner companies
Business Activities
Staffing, referrals, sales contracting, administrative agency services, and employee education
Permit number
Minister of Health, Labor and Welfare Permit (General -04-010136)
Electronic advertising
Provision of information related to worker dispatching business (2023.07.01) [PDF] Commission table (2020.10.01) [PDF]
3-1-8, Ichibancho, Aoba-ku, Sendai-shi
Sendai Building Aoba Dorikan 4th floor
TEL :022-261-5132

How do you work as a temporary staff member?

We will also support those who have no sales experience. Fujisaki Business Service Co., Ltd. provides store training in advance so that those who have no sales experience or who work in Fujisaki for the first time can work with peace of mind. Please feel free to register.

Staff recruitment information

You will work as a temporary employee from Fujisaki Business Service Co., Ltd.

  • 1.Temporary staff (including temporary assignments)

    Sales of famous brands such as men's clothing, women's clothing, sundries, etc. at the Fujisaki Main Building, as well as ancillary business, and product events.

  • 2.Contract employees

    Fujisaki Main Building, Food Market Fujisaki (Teroka, Izumi-ku)

  • 3.Part-time staff

    Fujisaki Main Building, sales staff at each branch office, cash register, accounting, etc.

Registration and application

Please feel free to call us below.

●Fujisaki Business Service Co., Ltd.


[email protected]

[Reception hours] 10:00 to 18:00 (except Sunday)


Please contact us from here.

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