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  • For foreign visitors to Japan For foreign visitors to Japan-I will provide information on sightseeing in Sendai

    Sendai Tourist Information Desk SENDAI TOURIST INFORMATION DESK

    "SENDAI Free Wi-Fi" is available. We have“SENDAI free Wi-Fi”.

    We provide information on tourism and food culture, including Sendai, mainly for foreign visitors to Japan. We provide sightseeing information for foreigners visiting Japan.

  • Free Wi-Fi Fujisaki FREE Wi-Fi free connection service is available in Fujisaki building FREE Wi-Fi

    Wi-Fi free connection service is available in Fujisaki building.

    You can use a comfortable Wi-Fi Internet service with your smartphone or tablet terminal. Please use the password "Fujisaki" and use it.

  • For the elderly and the physically handicapped For the elderly and the physically handicapped

  • For customers with children

  • Delivery service and ordering services Delivery service and ordering services

    • Food same day service

      This is a paid service that delivers food for your home (purchased on the basement floor of the main building and the second basement floor) in Miyagi Prefecture on the same day.

      • 1 basket of shopping basket <at room temperature>…935 yen including tax
      • 1 basket of shopping basket <cool flight>…1,540 yen including tax

      Some items are excluded.

      For applications and inquiries, please contact your local food floor sales representative.

    • Cosmetic pickup service

      This service allows you to pick up cosmetics handled by the main building by telephone and pick it up at each Fujisaki store in Fujisaki.

    • courier service

      Please use this to ship your purchased items and other luggage.

  • A sales professional will help you. A sales professional will help you.

    Fujisaki is working on the promotion of sales so that everyone can be satisfied with the slightly above service. Feel free to call me.



    Repair of shoes, umbrella repairs, bags, creation of duplicate keys, replacement of clock batteries, stamping and seals

  • "Cleaning Takano" Fujisaki refine "Cleaning Takano" Fujisaki refine

    Cleaning, accessory repair, purchase of precious metals (10 am-7pm)


  • Gift salon Gift salon

    We accept consultations on weddings, funerals, shopping and gifts.

  • Fujisaki Tomo no Kai Salon Credit F Counter Fujisaki Tomo no Kai Salon Credit F Counter

    We accept applications, reception, maturity and continuation procedures for Fujisaki Tomo no Kai, and applications and inquiries for Fujisaki Credit F card.

    The last reception time is until 7 p.m.

  • Travel consultation (travel salon) Travel consultation (travel salon)

    [Reservation priority] Reservation telephone number / 022-227-7389

    Business days: 10th, 2nd and 4th Sundays and every Monday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday

    Business hours: 10 am to 5 pm

    Omachikan 6F "Travel in Japan"

  • Fujisaki Living Support Information on Fujisaki Living Support and Seminars and Consultations

    Fujisaki Living Support is where Fujisaki carefully selects and guides various service menus related to daily life. Professionals in each professional field, from health and housing, housekeeping and organizing and storing services, money and life plans, and life plans, and life after retirement.

  • Administrative problems counseling office

    I'd like to consult with you about the administration. (11:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.)

  • Fujisaki Rental Costume Room

    Wedding rental costumes, female hakama / Shichigosan rental costumes (10 am to 6 pm * Closed every Tuesday and Wednesday)

  • Fujisaki ceremony

    Specialist staff is available for consultation and advice on all Buddhist affairs by toll-free number. (* Specialized staff: 10:00 am to 6:00 pm) In the event of an emergency, we will respond 24 hours a day, including partner shop staff.

Please use it.

  • Play guide

    We have tickets for movies, theaters and various events.

    The "Ticket Pia" store in Fujisaki Play Guide will end its service on Wednesday, June 30, 2021.

  • Fujisaki Beauty Salon

    10 am-7:30 pm

    Final reception: 7:00 p.m.

  • Automated Cash Payment (ATM)

    77 Bank (according to business hours)

    We don't accept holidays.

  • Coin locker

    Please use this for temporary storage of your luggage.
    (Paid: 300 yen, 500 yen, 600 yen)

  • Cool coin locker

    Please use this for temporary storage of chilled products.
    (Free: 100 yen per time, returned after use.)

  • Temporary custody of luggage (free)

  • Fujisaki Culture Circle

    You can experience the special work to enrich your lifestyle and the joy of moving your body.

  • Fujisaki Studio Rental Service

    The studio of "Fujisaki Culture Circle" on the 5th floor of Fujisaki Ichibanchokan can be used as a classroom or club meeting / meeting room.

A guest with a pet

Pets should not be accompanied by food sales floors, restaurants and coffee rooms. If you bring a pet to a sales floor or facility other than the above, put it in a pet case or pet cart, and consider other customers. (Accompaniment may be refused depending on the type and size of the pet.

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