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In addition to keeping tradition,
Further new challenges

Saburosuke Fujisaki

 Since its inception in 1819 (Bunsei 2), Fujisaki has consistently been committed to contributing to regional development and customer first.

 Koshin, the zodiac sign of 2024, the 205th year of its founding, is said to be the year of "beginning of things" and "growth". On the other hand, it is expected that the social and economic environment will become even faster, the environment surrounding retailing will change further, and customer values will diversify.

 In the second year of our medium-term management plan, we will continue to promote our three priority strategies: building relationships with customers, utilization of digital and content, and human resource development. We have positioned this as an important year for the growth of structural reforms. The store theme was "Up to Date." Looking at the balance between traditional tradition and digital now, we will further evolve our communication that will make the most of our customers' needs, and further evolving communication that makes us feel comfortable.

 Connection with local communities and coexistence are also important themes. This year, large swells are about to occur in the area where we live. The operation of the next-generation radial light facility and the research complex centered on the facilities will create innovation, industry will be developed, attract people, and bustling. In order to be a lively, attractive, and shining city from the perspective of foreign tourists, we will cooperate and collaborate with the local community to create content and provide places as a department store living in the region. We will continue to evolve while staring at the balance and contribute to town planning.

 Utilizing the experience we have cultivated so far, we will continue to make our customers' smiles and satisfaction as our greatest value. We will do our utmost to provide.

Fujisaki Co., Ltd.
Chairman and Representative Director

Saburosuke Fujisaki
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