Cafe & Restaurant Cafe and Restaurant

6th floor of the main building

Family restaurant

    ■TEL: 022-261-3667

    ■OPEN: Equivalent to head office hours
    ※Last order: 30 minutes prior to closing time

    ■Number of seats: 90 seats at table

We have Japanese, Western and Chinese dishes. Please use this as a rest spot where you can relax and relax.

Main Building 3F

Zelkova cafe

    ■TEL: 022-395-9234

    ■OPEN: Equivalent to head office hours
    ※Last order: One hour before closing time
    ※Meals will be offered from 10:30 am

    ■Number of seats: Table 80 seats

A pleasant space overlooking Aoba Street. We also offer private rooms that can be used for nursing rooms and children's birthday parties. Please enjoy cold press juice using ingredients directly purchased from contracted farmers and French toast of British.

Main Building 2F

Afternoon Tea

    ■TEL: 022-262-5919

    ■OPEN: Equivalent to head office hours
    ※Last order: 30 minutes prior to closing time

    ■Number of seats: Table 66 seats

Afternoon Tea ROOM proposes a rich time to spend with tea. In a cozy shop where you can feel the like Afternoon Tea, you can enjoy carefully brewed tea one by one with seasonal sweets and pasta.

Main Building B1F


    Weekdays, Sundays and public holidays: Eleven a.m. to two p.m.
    4 p.m. to 5:00 p.m.
    Saturday: 11 am to 5 pm

    ■Number of seats: 6 counter seats

We are focusing on taste, volume, freshness and ingredients, and we have a counter seat where you can enjoy freshly fried one by one.

Main Building B1F

Coffee stand

    ■TEL: 022-266-9885

    ■OPEN: Equivalent to head office hours
    ※Last order: Up to 30 minutes before closing time

    ■Number of seats: 9 counter seats

Main Building B1F

Juice stand

    ■OPEN: Equivalent to head office hours

    ■Take-out only

    ※Product content may be changed depending on the season.

4th floor of First Tower Building


    ■TEL: 022-748-7115
    (Reservation and inquiries)
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    Lunch/(entrance time) noon to 12:30 pm
    Dinner / (entry time) 6:00 pm-6:30 pm

Image of "Theatre of Light" The pleasant sense of tension and happiness like watching a play, and the excitement of enjoying the theater, are directed by food and hospitality wrapped in light.

The space for enhancing the tablecloth is composed of gray tone that has nothing in the way, and the gentle gradation of "light" and "saturation" that lead to the cloth colors color the space. The table with a cross, which is a canvas of cooking, is wrapped in a dazzling contrast, making it a space where cooking is the leading role.

※Smoking is not allowed in the entire building. There's no space for smoking. Please understand in advance.