Credit Fcard

"Fujisaki Credit F Card" is
Fujisaki and Jacks
(VIsa, Mastercard, JCB)
It's a tie-up card.

  • Cash paymentsCash payments
  • Even if you pay by credit,Even if you pay by credit,

5% point reduction

About privilege

5% point reduction5% point reduction

When shopping in Fujisaki, cash payment or credit payment, 5% of the purchased amount for ordinary products and 1% for food sale.

The accumulated points can be used for shopping in Fujisaki and payment of Fujisaki Basho's Tsuji Parking. (* Points will be deleted if there is no purchase in Fujisaki during the year of 11/1-10/31.)

※Products and sales floors that are eligible for rewarding points and exempt from use

Membership fees are freeMembership fees are free

Fujisaki will bear all the enrollment fee and annual membership fee for both the first year and continuation.

¥3,000 present¥3,000 present

First present
You can get a gift certificate worth 6,000 yen!

[Privilege 1]
Within 2 months after the card arrives, those who use credit is 30,000 yen or more including tax will receive a Fujisaki gift certificate 3,000 yen!
[Privilege 2]
Within 2 months after the card arrives, those who use revolving payment is 30,000 yen or more including tax will receive a 3,000 yen Fujisaki gift certificate!

W point serviceW point service

A double point day will be held several times a year in which F points in Fujisaki doubles.

Bonus point presentBonus point present

Depending on the purchase (excluding tax) at Fujisaki during the year (November 1-October 31 of the following year), a bonus point will be presented!

Points are redeemed at other storesPoints are redeemed at other stores

0.5% points can be accumulated for use at other stores (including overseas).

※There are stores that are excluded from service and excluded.

Special treatment service for Nakamoto and year-end giftSpecial treatment service for Nakamoto and year-end gift

You can use the membership special service for Nakamoto and New Year Gifts.

Special Offer for Cultural EventsSpecial Offer for Cultural Events

Only one person can enter the cultural event held in Fujisaki free of charge.

※There are some exclusion events.

Fculture CircleFculture Circle

F-card members-only cultural course "Fujisaki Culture Circle" is available.

F-point special offer shopF-point special offer shop

It can be used and accumulated according to various scenes! Credit F card advantageous special treatment service!

※There are some stores that offer special treatment services. Please check with each store before using.

Other benefits

  • Caching service

    It can be borrowed from CDs in Fujisaki store, Jacs CDs, CDs of affiliated financial institutions, and ATMs.

  • It is possible to pay utility bills

    It can also be used to pay Tohoku Electric Power charges, mobile phones, providers, newspaper subscription fees, etc.
    0.5% of the usage fee will be charged as points.

  • Simultaneous issuance of ETC card free of charge

    At the same time, we will issue a card exclusively for paying expressway tolls.
    0.5% of the usage fee will be charged as points.

  • Point service by paying cable charges (J: COM Sendai Cabbage, Sendai CATV)

    1% of the cable TV usage fee will be accumulated as a point.

  • You can also make a family card at no annual membership fee.

How to apply

Application via webApplication via web

Spring Credit F-card WEB membership campaign

March 29 (Fri)-April 30 (Tue)

During the period, if you newly join the "Fujisaki Credit F Card" from the homepage, you will receive 1,000 F points (1,000 yen) without fail.

[Window of application on WEB]

1. [Customer]…Enter the necessary information and send the data.
2. Jax Co., Ltd.…I will send you the card by mail.

※Jax Co., Ltd. acts on behalf of Jax Corporation.

Jacks VISA card

Jacks Visa Card

Jacks Master Card

Jacks Master Card

Jacks JCB Card

Jacks JCB Card

Precautions regarding application

  • "Fujisaki Credit F Card" is a tie-up card between Fujisaki and Jacks (Visa, MasterCard, JCB).

    ※Invoices purchased by credit card delivery or credit will be mailed from Jacks.

  • When you join, you will be judged by Jacks.
    We may not be able to meet your request by judging. Please understand in advance.

[About identity verification documents *]

Those who can confirm their name, date of birth, and current address
・Driver's license (Page with your name and current address)
・Health insurance card (Page with your name and current address)
・Passport (face photo page and current address page)
・My number card
・Special permanent resident certificate / residence card (both front and back if your current address has been changed)

Contact information

3-2-17, Ichibancho, Aoba-ku, Sendai-shi
Credit F-card counter on the 6th floor of Fujisaki Omachikan Co., Ltd.
TEL: 022-261-5111 (Representative)

Application at storesApplication at stores

  • Application place

    "Credit F Card Counter" on the 6th floor of Fujisaki Daimachikan

    Opening hours of the "F Card Counter" on the 6th floor of Omachi Building are open until 6:30 pm.

    ※It may be subject to change.

  • What you need to prepare

    1.Cash card, passbook, delivery stamp in the name of the applicant
    2.Identity verification documents ※The original

    ※If you bring your bank account cash card, passbook, and delivery stamp of your bank account, the card issuance time will be shortened.

    ※Until this card is issued, a temporary membership card that can be used for purchase in cash will be issued on the spot.

Application by mailApplication by mail

  • Please enclose a copy of the application form and the original identity verification document and return it.

    ※If you would like to send the application form by mail, please call the Credit F Card Counter (022-261-5111).

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