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Environmental Policy

To realize a sustainable society in which people and the environment are in harmony with each other, Fujisaki is committed to reducing environmental impact and passing on the green nature of the local community to the next generation.

・We will endeavor to reduce environmental impact in all business processes.
・With the cooperation of our customers and business partners, we will promote environmental activities.
・We conduct education and enlightenment activities for employees and actively promote environmental activities that can be done in the workplace and daily life.
・We will actively promote environmental activities in local communities.
・Comply with environmental laws and regulations, set voluntary targets, and conduct environmental activities.

Environmental DeclarationEnvironmental Declaration

We will work step by step until 2030 to realize a society we should aim for.

Decarbonized society (a society in which CO2 emissions are kept low as possible)

  • Reduction of CO2 Emissions

    ・Reduce energy consumption to reduce CO2 emissions.

A recycling-oriented economy society (a society in which resources and energy can be used effectively without waste)

  • Plastic measures

    ・We aim to achieve zero plastic shopping bags.
    ・Reduce one-way plastic containers and packaging

  • Food Loss and Food Recycling Measures

    ・We aim to achieve a recycling ratio of 100%
    ・Reduce food waste emissions

  • Reduction of municipal solid waste

    ・We aim to achieve a recycling ratio of 50% or more
    ・Reduce general waste emissions

Society of Nature Symbiosis (a society in which people and creatures can continue to receive the blessings of nature)

  • Sustainable procurement

    ・We provide customers with environmentally conscious products and product information.

  • Promotion of activities that can contribute to the local community

    ・We will actively promote environmental conservation activities in the region

Environmental Activities

Environmental ActivitiesEnvironmental Activities

Fujisaki is promoting activities to regenerate the landscape lost in Great East Japan Earthquake and protecting the landscape of Sendai, a beautiful forest city. In June 2021, we will send an environmental declaration and introduce activities to protect the environment and products and services that are environmentally friendly.

Tree planting and tree-planting activities

We are conducting tree-planting and tree-planting activities to regenerate green in coastal areas that were severely damaged by Great East Japan Earthquake. From Fujisaki, not only employees but also OBs and OGs participate in plants such as Japanese black pine so that they can grow into disaster prevention forests that protect the area.

Sales of original eco-bags

From July 2020, changed to plastic bag containing biomass plastic. We are also working to promote environmentally friendly packaging materials, such as by changing food handbags to FSC-certified materials.
In addition, we sell original eco-bags made by reusing PET bottles, and donate part of our sales to forest conservation activities.

Implement Clean Campaign

Fujisaki is engaged in garbage collection activities in nearby shopping streets as part of its community contribution activities.
In response to an invitation from a labor union in Sendai Mitsukoshi, who has been dedicated to cleanup activities, has been started as a joint cleaning activity from June 2020, Environment Enhancement Month. The cleaning area alternately travels around Sendai Mitsukoshi and Fujisaki every month. The employees of both companies have been able to connect with each other, and we have fun activities every time.
In the future, we will continue to take the initiative in creating a beautiful city at any time, aiming for environmental activities throughout the Ichibancho Shopping Street.

Community contribution activities

Since its establishment in 1819, Fujisaki has its primary mission to contribute to regional development, and has been passionate about creating a department store that is loved and trusted. Throughout the year, we are working on various communities and social contributions so that our beloved Sendai can become a more wonderful city.

Participation in local festivalsParticipation in local festivals

Aoba Festival
Ichibancho Sansha Festival
Sendai Tanabata Festival

We actively participate in Sendai's traditions, such as Sendai's first sale, Aoba Festival, and Ichibancho Sansha Festival, contributing to the revitalization of Sendai and Miyagi. One of the most famous nationwide is the Sendai Tanabata Festival, which has been around since the Edo period.

Give a wish to the stars -Thank you for your thoughts~

In 2011, when the Great East Japan Earthquake occurred, in cooperation with the Sendai City Board of Education, Origami cranes folded by elementary and junior high school children and students in Sendai City under the theme of "Wishes for the Stars: Thanks and Connecting." With the passage of years, the circle of participation has expanded, and decorations with wishes for the reconstruction of Tohoku and thanks for warm support from all over Japan and the world have attracted sympathy for the viewers, and many visitors I stop my feet and put it in the picture.

Naming rights of Yagiyama Zoo Park Fujisaki Forest

In April 2020, we concluded a naming rights agreement between Sendai City and Yagiyama Zoological Park as a project to contribute to the capital city of the forest, and the nickname was "Yagiyama Zoo Park Fujisaki no Mori".
By holding hands with the historic Yagiyama Zoological Park, we will support the healthy growth of children by sending the excitement, pleasures, and new discoveries that can interact with many animals, and support the healthy growth of children. Specific initiatives include posting nickname signs, holding animal photo exhibitions at the Fujisaki Main Building, and selling original products.

Fujisaki CUP Sendai City Spring School Children's Baseball Tournament

This tournament commemorates the 200th anniversary of Fujisaki's founding in 2019, and hopes that the children who will lead the future will learn a lot through sports, build a bright future, and grow robustly, and the dreams of players and their families. I wanted to continue supporting the bonds, I received the name of "Fujisaki CUP".
The "Sendai City Spring School Children's Rubber Baseball Tournament" is attended by 90 teams of school children registered by the Sendai City Baseball Federation, and by winning, you can participate in the prefectural and national tournament, Prince Takamado Gift Cup as a representative of Sendai City. Fujisaki has created a tournament pamphlet with photos of participating players and presents a champion T-shirt as the Fujisaki Award to the winners.

Sponsorship and Cultural Activities

We are working to revitalize the local community through support for sports and cultural projects such as Vegalta Sendai, Tohoku Rakuten Golden Eagles, Sendai 89ERS, and Sendai Philharmonic Orchestra.

Diversity & Inclusion

We aim to create value by making the most of diverse human resources and providing opportunities to maximize their abilities.

Efforts to Promote Women's ParticipationEfforts to Promote Women's Participation

Women who balance work with childcare and nursing care can form a career positively and aim to realize a work style in which each work and life are enriched.

"Eruboshi (3rd stage)" certification

Based on the Law Concerning the Promotion of Women's Active Participation in Occupational Life (Women's Participation Promotion Act), Fujisaki was certified by the Minister of Health, Labor and Welfare on August 28, 2023, as a company with a good status of efforts to promote the active participation of women. The third stage of "Eruboshi" has been obtained.

Certified as a company that utilizes the power of women (Gold certified companies)

The Governor of Miyagi Prefecture has been certified as a Gold-certified company for the second consecutive term for promoting women to fully demonstrate their abilities in the workplace and working to create a comfortable workplace.


In fiscal 2023, under the theme of "Creating friends who work hard and supporting female employees who aim to improve their career", we created a place for learning in six series, such as how to utilize their strengths and how to improve their presence and influence. 23 women participated in the system. The completion ceremony was held on October 2 while the boss was watching, and the participants made a group presentation and each one declared "My Vision."

Acceptance of diverse work styles

Until now, only those who have been with the company for more than one year were allowed to work shorter hours for childcare, and in the case of reemployment, they were only employed full-time work. However, in order to promote reinstatement in a flexible way of working, the system was changed from September 2023 to allow reemployment in shorter working hours for childcare.

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