CORPORATION Corporate Information

Corporate Principles

Regional developmentism

Fujisaki's social mission is to pass on its ancestors and contribute to the development of the region, and will continue to grow forever.


Fujisaki is committed to customer-first principle, based on high quality and appropriate prices as the basis of our sales, always strives to be kind and courteous customer service to meet customer expectations and trust.

Creative Executionism

Fujisaki respects each other's humanity, takes pride and passion for work, and achieves corporate goals through creativity and active actions.

Our Mission

As our lives are very fast and rapidly changing our lives, we believe that our products and services we propose to our customers must respond flexibly and quickly. In order to clarify the guidelines, we established our Mission in March 2021.

We will create a place where good things, good things, and good people can connect with each other.
In line with the changing times, we will create new fun and fun.
It creates unexpected discoveries and excitement for everyone who wants to live better.

Action Guidelines

Let's enjoy change!

Knowing the changing times and customer changes,
It creates new and fun.

Let's enjoy discussion! !

Together with everyone's strength,
New ideas, unexpected discoveries
I'll make it.

Let's enjoy the challenge!

With confidence and courage,
The excitement of our customers and our own mind
I'll make it.

Let's enjoy connection! !

Customers, business partners, local communities,
A relationship that trusts with employees
I'll make it.

Let's enjoy life! !

We also enjoy a better life,
Creating a better life for our customers.

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