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Company Overview

Company name (trade name)
Fujisaki Co., Ltd.
Business Activities
Department Stores
Head Office Location
3-2-17, Ichibancho, Aoba-ku, Sendai-shi, Miyagi
Saburosuke Fuji, Chairman of the Board and President & CEO
1819 (Bunsei 2)
1912 (Meiji 45)
Shareholders' equity
¥400 million
Annual sales
¥44.5 billion (Fiscal year ended February 2023)
Number of Employees
Approximately 730 people
Business sites
Head Office/Sendai
Stores/head office (Fujisaki Main Building, Fujisaki Omachikan, Fujisaki Ichibanchokan, Fujisaki First Tower Building), Food Market Fujisaki
17 regional stores (Ve Fujisaki Lara Garden Nagamachi store, Ve Fujisaki Izumichuo store, Ve Fujisaki 6-chome store, Ishinomaki store, Shiogama store, Shiraishi store, Yamagata store, Yamagata store, Fukushima store, Akita store, Yamagata store, Akita store, Fukushima store, Akita store, Fukushima store, Akita store, Akita store, Fukushima store, Akita store, Akita store, Akita store)
Fujisaki Agent Co., Ltd.
Fuji Styling Co., Ltd.
Fujisoken Co., Ltd.
Fujisaki Business Service Co., Ltd.
Fujisaki Shokai Co., Ltd.
Sendai Building Co., Ltd.
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