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DIPTYQUE (Diptic) Sendai Fujisaki Open

Ichibanchokan 1st floor

From Thursday, June 20
11 am to 7 pm ※Friday and Saturday until 7:30 p.m.
Ichibanchokan 1st floor "Diptic"
  • Beauty

The first DIPTYQUE (Diptic) Sendai Fujisaki Open

Due to its popularity, we are currently restricting entry.
Depending on the congestion situation, we may close the store reception earlier than the closing time.
We ask for your understanding in advance.

DIPTYQUE (Diptic) Sendai Fujisaki Open

Boutiques like my home, an art space, like a "small room of curiosity" like my home, art space.


"DIPTYQUE" will open a new boutique in Sendai Fujisaki.
This boutique celebrates whimsical imaginations and expresses the know-how at the origins of the work created by the maison, thereby capturing the originality and poetry, which have been the characteristics of the DIPTYQUE.

The boutique reflecting the style of the first store located at 34 Sun Gelman Odori, Paris, is a place where the identity of "DIPTYQUE" and Japanese culture that accepts the masons meet, and the travels and free espriets that the Maison values are valued. Will blend.
The boutique facing the covered sidewalk reminiscent of the Paris arcade, has illuminated black and white flag signs and can be found immediately in either direction.

After passing through the green facade decorated with vertical grooves, step into the store from the golden logo and the mosaic of the special `` DiptyqueàSendai '' mosaic, you can discover that the boutique itself is one world. You can discover.
Furniture and objects are carefully selected as elements for spinning various stories.
Wooden floors, special plastered walls and ceilings, and colorful furniture evoke a sophisticated and eclectic world and invite visitors to a "small room of curiosity."
The boutique wall, which combines the interior of Paris with traditional Japanese decorations, is made of zelkova wood, and the curved curve enhances its beauty.

In the space for body care products on the left side of the store, impressive shelves with low vertical groove doors. On the wall with the fragrance counter, a watercolor inspired by the landscape paintings of Des Mond, one of the founders, and the interior has been completed to enjoy the maison decoration system. And a pair of pendant lights illuminate the entire interior.

DIPTYQUE (Diptic) Sendai Fujisaki Open

Located in the center of Sendai, a combination of wood, racker, green, brown and orange, this latest boutique stimulates all senses.

Visitors can discover and experience the space dedicated to each collection and its reciculture, from home collections such as fragrance candles with floral, Woody, Spicy, and Herbal Notes, to fragrance and body care. On the shelves of the home collection, products of the decoration collection, such as candle accessories, and beautifully color people's daily lives.

A space where the colors and materials that bring in countless contrast and surprises are played.
"DIPTYQUE" Sendai Fujisaki is an ideal place to release imagination and enjoy a wandering journey.

<Purchase benefits>

※June 23 (Sun) Updated※
Since the limit has been reached, the gift of tote bag has been closed.

To commemorate the opening, from June 20 (Thursday), an original tote bag will be presented to customers who purchase 24,800 yen or more including tax at "DIPTYQUE" Sendai Fujisaki.
※The number is limited.

The first DIPTYQUE (Diptic) Sendai Fujisaki Open

●Original tote bag

 DIPTYQUE (Diptic) Sendai Fujisaki Open

●Notebook of fragrance

※"DIPTYQUE" is a campaign only for Sendai Fujisaki.
※In addition, a fragrant notebook will be presented to first purchase customers who have registered as "DIPTYQUE".
※Only customers who have no purchase history in the past are eligible. 
※Due to the limited quantity, it will be terminated as soon as it is gone.

In addition, a minicanddle cronnel (35g) will be presented to customers who purchase 15,400 yen or more including the summer collection products.

DIPTYQUE (Diptic) Sendai Fujisaki Open

※Due to the limited quantity, it will be terminated as soon as it is gone.

<Special Project>

※June 23 (Sun) Updated※
Since the limited number has been reached, the gift of the shopping ticket has been closed.

"DIPTYQUE" Sendai Fujisaki For the first 200 customers who purchase 20,000 yen or more including tax at Sendai Fujisaki will be prestitute a 1,000 yen shopping ticket that can be used at the Fujisaki head office from the day.
(Diptic" and the following sales floors, construction fees, shipping costs, vouchers, etc. are not available.)

※Shopping vouchers: June 20 (Thu)-July 31 (Wed)

Shopping tickets are not available at the following sales outlets.
※Exclusive sales floor
Louis Viton, Hermes, Bottega Veneta, Bulgari, Burberry, Gucci, Tod's, Jimmychu, Cartier, Roebe Sendai Fujisaki, Rolex Bouttic Sendai Fujisaki, Rolex Bouttic Sendai Fujisaki, Cosmede Colte and Chanel.

※In addition, it cannot be used for gold vouchers, construction fees, and shipping costs.
※Only for coupons used are not eligible for F-point reduction.
※It cannot be used in conjunction with other discount services.
※Please forgive us to return or refund for your convenience.

[Fujisaki Official App] Download Benefits

※Updated July 5 (Fri.)※
Due to the limited number, sales of 3 eau de toilette (7.5 ml) has ended.

In addition, only customers who have downloaded the Fujisaki official app can purchase a set of three-piece eau de toilette (7.5 ml) set.

DIPTYQUE (Diptic) Sendai Fujisaki Open

In pursuit of the real rose scent, including "Aurose", which expresses the scent of flowers that change naturally, and "Sun Gelman 34", named after the Diptic Paris boutique address (San Gelman Odori 34). Pick up all 11 types from the popular scents.
You can choose three favorite fragrances from 11 types and customize yourself.

[Set contents]
You can choose three of your choice from among 11 species.
Flosiccos, Londbr Dunro, Doson, Auros, Aau descent, Thamdao, Auduel, Sun Gelman 34, Verio, Oyide, Ropapie

●Set of eau de toilette
(7.5ml) 11,000 yen including tax

※At the store, please present the Fujisaki official app screen to beauty consultant.
※Due to the limited quantity, it will be terminated as soon as it is gone.

"Fujisaki Department Store Official App"
Download from here.▼

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