Up to 2,100F points will be presented by My Page from the app!

App download campaign

During the period, customers who have registered the Fujisaki Official App Download & My Page

All 100 points will be presented

All 100 points


●Points will be presented at the end of September 2024.

   We will inform you of the winning points on the Fujisaki official app.
 When registering the Fujisaki official app, please set [Receive Notification] setting.


How to earn points.

Download the Fujisaki official app, register and open My Page to achieve this

You can earn F points from the app, you can use it!

You can earn points for shopping in Fujisaki, both at stores and online shopping!
You can use the accumulated points for shopping.

Those who already have an F-card

If you link your own F-card,
It's convenient for shopping!

※A real card is required for credit payment of Fujisaki Credit F card and friend's shopping card payment.

Those who do not have an F-card

If you register your My Page from Fujisaki app
You can receive various benefits as a F-card member.
You can earn F points even if you don't have an F card.
You can use it.

Points can be earned and used

▼ App download ▼

Download from AppStore

Download from GooglePlay

How to download app & register my page

How to register My Page

Registration of My Page from Fujisaki Official App

If you download the app
To register My Page

Already to Fujisaki Online (Net Shopping)
Those who have already registered

Those who have already registered online

After entering your registered member ID (email address) and password.
Please press "Login".

Those who have registered for the first time

First-time customers

Please press "New Member Registration" to proceed to registration.


If you have an F-card, please be sure to cooperate.

Enter the number (number starting from 0 or the number starting with 6) on your F card and your registered phone number.
The applicable registration details will be displayed at the bottom of the screen, so check the contents and press "Go to Next".

F-card linkage

Use points

Use points

You can earn and use the F points on this screen!

※If you do not have an F card, please press the "If you do not have an F card" tab to proceed.

Even if you do not have an F card, if you register My Page from Fujisaki's app, you can receive various benefits as an F-card member, and you can earn and use F points without an F card .

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